Startup Week Zanjan kicked off


The Startup Week in Zanjan started with a ceremony held in the Zanjan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Nov 14, 2015.


Mr. Mohammadreza Yoosefi, employment deputy of Zanjan’s labor administration, welcomed the guests and gave his speech addressing the governments policies to support entrepreneurship nationwide. He mentioned the importance of helping out private initiatives aiming to encourage and grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Following Mr. Saeid Omidi, the chairman of Islamic City Council of Zanjan and the former managing director of Zanjan Pegah Dairy Industries Company, underlined the potentials of Zanjan.  More could be done and should done to stimulate people to consider to start their own business. He also mentioned the facilities which can be provided by the city governors to support startup companies. At the end, he pointed to the foreign guests who were present in the hall.  Although entrepreneurship and establishing startup companies are very successful in the West, due to the fact that they were established earlier in time, Iran can adapt and grow into the same level of success. Not only by importing or copying but also by creating local successes based on the local culture and needs of Iran.


Next, Mr Patrick Bosteels from Belgium, Mr Wout Laban from the Netherlands, and Ms. Tina Ballu from Dubai, all highly active in the entrepreneurial scene of Europe and the Middle East, came on the stage to introduce themselves and talk about their experiences in the related fields. The talks finally led to a discussion panel coordinated by Mr Alireza Khodayi, to gain more mutual understanding between the ideas of the foreign guests. A very lively Q&A was the result and ended up in a great networking.

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