Combination of TEDx and Startup

header-IMG_2487-2Today we were supposed to gather together for a TEDxYouthBineshRd event in an English institute named Ayandegera. After 45 minutes of hold up for technical issues, we decided to discuss about start up eco systems all over the world and also how to apply it in Iran. Patrick from Belgium, Wout from Netherlands, Tina from Dubai and Amireza from Iran explained the differences between Start ups in their country and how you can make it happen in different parts of the world. Yasser the CEO of Ayandegera coordinated the discussion and helped them communicate easier with participants. the discussion went on for about four hours with a small 20 minute brake in between the sessions. the discussions were very fruitful and ended up with a lot of interesting ideas and brain storming from all the participants.
the event finished at around 6 pm local time.

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